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(All that separates Fine Art from Anything Else is a viewer's decision)

Art and Craft...
Art Western and Art Alien...
Art Objects and Natural History..
Art Regions and Art Earth...
Art and Antiques...
Art Commercial and Art Fine...
Art and Technology...
Art and Everyday Objects...

What is acceptable as we define Art? In retrospect, it does seem remarkable.

In 1950, as the Abstract Expressionists were emerging in public consciousness, there would have still been little argument or controversy over questions such as: Where does art begin and craft end? What constitutes fine art from less fine "art"? Furthermore, does "acculturation" only apply to Western influence on other cultures, or does it apply to other cultures upon us? Rules? Talk to Picasso, Kandinsky and Duchamp about rules.

Are there any distinct edges to what once were considered separate "disciplines" like sociology, art history, folk culture, primitive art, natural history, technology and mathematics? Can any human pursuit rise to the level of an art form, and do we recognize that areas of human activity and interest indeed blend together...erasing barriers and arbitrary distinctions? Where do terms and activities rigidly interface or smoothly integrate?

Studying the history of art over the centuries, particularly since the late 19th Century, one might be led to the belief that rules and conventions hold back progress in art expression. The individual artist is at the center of the art making, and it is the artist who stretches the boundaries of what art can be. I question whether or not there are rules at all, or merely success derived from convincing arguments, publicity and good luck.

Most importantly, we can individually define Art, determine what it can embrace, set boundaries of our own, and give it some important meaning in our personal lives. We are supposed to have the freedom to express political observation and belief as well as to explore our individuality. The important language for expression for some of us is visual media...with few or no restrictions on what is said or how it is stated.

This freedom of expression, and the right to nibble away at edges, is what may draw many of us to the use of Art in our lives. You and I can delight in new personal discoveries, in eliminating boundaries and combining meanings. Art expression gives us the opportunity and means to expand our minds, to find satisfaction, to release ground ourselves...and maybe take a few others with us. We can question and then break rules.

Sometimes that blurry edge is just what we need in order to see things more clearly.

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