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Endurance of the Ephemeral

Inside brains there are repositories
of things past...

Some of those things lived a day
or week or hour
or for mere seconds
their life cycles completed in a breath

Roadside ditches this morning
resurrected from my inside caches
the images of times past
of living creatures once pulsing
of moments captured and then
tucked away in my soft darkness

Ah...breath it in and give it life again
a rainy gray morning

It is curious to me
that I need not experience these beauties
day to day
I need not seek out these numinous life bulging moments often

Once experienced
they are relived without conscious effort to awake them
all that is needed is the rain or sun or clouded blue sky
something humans do not much affect
and which will continue after our demise

In the unmeasurable expanse of time and Universe
all seems ephemeral
certainly I am so...

When I can relive past moments
in the time it takes for the wind to envelope me
I recognize that my own heartbeat of living so briefly
would not have been
had not Life struck the spark of me

My flame would not have been sustained
without the ephemeral
which I observed and inhaled
and recognized as my kin

That which seems momentary...
(as in the movement of a breath)
is the genetic sympathetic vibration
of my sinew plucked by the fingers of an enduring past

Things that live briefly truly live long

G.J.G. 03/02

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