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Calculating Time . . . Unfeeling

Calculating time
is a matter of choice
with us choosing the program
invented by mechanics, technicians
routines ignorant of Earth's inbred Time

Earth Time is not calculated
by our brains
we who have moved from the nurtured circumstance
once when diurnal and sidereal forces
were natural measurements
and motivations
all and enough

We deluded
thinking we correctly estimate
and measure
while our moment is tiny
with days numbered to end

Long spaces unfolding without us
galactic patterns undisclosed in our brief stay
our clocks inappropriate in systems
geared to millennia times millennia

Our antics flea-like
as we dig and burn and pester the Earth
Gaia quietly undertaking
to remove us
we children corrupting
the substance of which we are made

Timepieces our inventions
and schedules and city-bred pace
unlike the environment and birth place
our rhythms different
than ancestral before
our rhythms with mindless and shattering result

We live disparate lives
like one great splintering hive
scurrying and colliding
self prescribed ways
while ancient parent forces
disclose an ancient retribution

Correcting the asunder
cleansing the unclean

we've forgotten

G.J.G. 9/23/89

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